Some kind and generous words from our valued clients....

Artistic Craftsmanship

“…[I] have brought [Geneviève’s jewelry] to Brazil to give as presents to family and friends.  They praise the designs and use of materials.  Everyone loves Geneviève’s jewelry.  And this means a great deal since Brazil is a country with a rich heritage of exceptional jewelry.”   Vania, P., OR & Brazil

"Geneviève's rich artistic creations are unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. In purchasing her jewelry for myself and as gifts, I have a stronger appreciation for the uniqueness of her designs and materials. While there are many fine jewelry artists, most of them seem to use the same materials so true originals are limited. Agates and Pearls provides a thoughtful, beautiful alternative for jewelry you'll want to own and share."   

Karyl C., MA

Agates and Pearls is a remarkable collection of creativity and artwork. The craftsmanship shows a careful use of different and beautiful materials that combine to make each piece unique and amazing, reflecting Geneviève’s personal signature."  Vania P., OR & Brazil

“What you immediately notice about the Agates and Pearls collection is the boldness of the pieces, no matter if it's a bracelet, necklace or earring set.  Every piece is one of a kind with special care taken so that all the colors complement each other.  The style of the line is also perfect for the modern women.  I am so pleased with the quality of craftsmanship and materials and every time I wear a piece from Agates and Pearls I get so many compliments.”   Ellyce W., OR

“Love Agates and Pearls jewelry!   My earrings, bracelets, and necklaces make me feel beautiful and complement my everyday wardrobe!”           Lisa K., CA

“The beautiful jewelry that Geneviève crafts are not only unusual, unique and distinctive – but they are each a work of art.  I have never received so many compliments as when I am wearing one of her gorgeous creations.  Always a conversation piece –always a show stopper.  Geneviève puts her heart and soul into each exceptional piece, and it shows. You will not find anything else like it – and you’ll find yourself discovering and rediscovering the amazing facets and 

exceptional skill involved in everything that she creates.”     

Sue S., CA

“I just want to comment on the excellent quality of the earrings, bracelets and necklaces you have made for me. The choice of stones and superior workmanship of the jewelry make them something I will treasure for a lifetime. I can tell you really take pride in your work and I am glad to display it by owning such beautiful pieces. Again and again you come through with unique designs that are both beautiful but also practical. As I like to wear my jewelry often, your versatile designs allow me to wear the pieces daily as well as dress it up for those special occasions.”  
Lyda S., CA

“I bought a piece of jewelry, actually an agate necklace, from Geneviève a few years ago when she did a private showing at one of our friend’s home in the Bay Area.  The necklace was an amazing piece of beautiful agate stones that 

matched perfectly and the design was something that caught my eye.  At first, I thought that [the necklace] doesn't look lik

e me (somethin

g I would wear) but every time I wear the necklace, I get the best complim

ents.”   Elena C., CA

“I’m the proud owner of a beautiful pearl and gemstone bracelet made by Geneviève, as is my mother. Both of us love our special bracelets! Geneviève has a way of infusing delicate beauty and soulful grace into each of her pieces of art—and make no mistake, this isn’t just jewelry, it’s wearable art.  These pieces are unique, gorgeous and ethereal little bangles of delight and I smile whenever I look at this lovely bracelet on my wrist.”   Deborah G., CA

"I was granted the opportunity to test-drive my piece at an event and I knew after feeling the powerful, loving energy emanating from it that it had to be mine. I wear it every chance I get because it grounds me and makes me smile. I want to thank Geneviève for designing it just for me."    Teena L., CA

A Man’s Perspective

“I wish there were more items for men, because I'd love to wear some of the designs.”   Josh C., MA

“Genevieve’s jewelry is unique and exquisitely crafted.  bought
a bracelet for my wife and
we were both very pleased with the piece.  I really like the balance of colors and textures that she brings to her designs.”   Jordan N., CA

"As a male it is sometimes hard to find something different that is great quality and beautiful at the same time.  Agates and Pearls has done just that for 

men and women."   Ben C., RI

“The jewelry from Agates and Pearls is so beautiful in so many ways.  They LOOK beautiful.  Because all of the materials used are natural, they are beautiful to TOUCH.”   

Josh C., MA

Custom Designs

“…she created several custom necklaces, earrings and bracelets that truly captured my style...all for an affordable price.”   Lisa S., Ontario, Canada

“I purchased a custom designed necklace from Agates and Pearls several months ago.  I am extremely pleased with the exceptional product, the creative design and the quality of workmanship.  I have received numerous compliments on the piece.  Additionally, I have worked in several capacities with Geneviève and know her to be a very capable, talented and conscious person.  I highly recommend the jewelry for anyone looking for unique and distinctive pieces.”   Jeanne M., CA

“Elegant, exquisite and of the best quality. The color and stone mixture are impeccable to say the least. I know it enhances my appearance when I am wearing her jewelry.”      Evelyn P., CA


"It's a real treat to have jewelry that was designed just for me.  I recommend treating yourself today!"   Lisa S., Ontario, Canada 

Push Presents

“I think every mother (grandmother, daughter, etc!) would cherish a meaningful gift such as this [necklace].”   April N., CA

"Dear Geneviève, I just had to write to say thank you for making such a gorgeous necklace for my daughter!  She LOVES it!  It is exactly what I wanted…it's such a special piece, perfect for her (and me when I steal it to wear)! The amethyst, rose quartz and pearls are such a beautiful combination along with the hammered metal pendant with her initial. I even love the simple magnet clasp that looks great and is easy for her to remove. All in all the perfect gift for my lovely girl! 

 I will definitely be coming back for more!!!"   Dana G., NY & GA

“Geneviève's pieces are unique and beautiful treasures.  She creates them with so much love and artistry, that they are imbued with both very positive vibrations as well as style.  I have given her jewelry as gifts and have a number of her jewelry items myself, and I receive compliments on them all the time. My favorite probably is a personalized short necklace including my and my daughter's birthstone, complementary stones, and a small pendant with my daughter's first initial.  And my young daughter knows the 'C' close to my heart is for her.  

The artist knows her gemstones and creates a variety of fun, classy, bold, and versatile pieces.  Her designs highlight the natural characteristics, uniqueness, and beauty of the organic materials she uses.  I hope you treasure your pieces as I do mine.”   April N., CA