Adorn yourself with green and experience its allure.  
The color of nature and life, green symbolizes self-respect and well-being, 
as well as promoting balance, learning, growth and harmony.

Green Radiance

A constellation of Green/White Agates are 
paired with Baroque Pearls and Blue Goldstones
with Sterling Silver "Passion" charm and toggle clasp

Item:  N321

Bold Drop

Stand out with this simple, and eye-catching 
brown leather choker that features a 
faceted Green/Brown Agate 

Item:  N349


Far East Beauty*

This stunning necklace features a carved Jade medallion
along with bold, facted Green Agates and Black Spinels
and a Gold-filled "Passion" charm and toggle clasp.

Item:  N333
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Circle of Style

For someone who wants to break out of their mold, consider this necklace with Green/Rust/White Circle Agates, Keshi Pearls, Smokey Quartz, and Red Agates, with Gold-filled "Passion"
charm and toggle clasp

Item:  N306