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Earth Tones

Earth tones are rich in color and hues, allowing for a vast spectrum of artistic designs.

Brown represents natural earth, stability, and orderliness.  Whereas orange conveys 
power, thoughtfulness and sincerity, along with heightened enthusiasm and 
creativity.  Gold is acknowledged as the color of wealth and success, and enhances 
optimism, relaxation and enjoyment of life.  And with yellow, one's creativity 
and intellectual energies are heightened, along with wisdom, joy and happiness.

Tahitian Sunset

Simply exquisite, these earrings feature
stunning, genuine Tahitian Black Pearls and
Citrines, with Gold-filled accents and hooks

Item:  E140

Nature's Artwork*

Celebrate Mother Nature's own creativity with 
these earrings of Matte Cherry Creek Jasper
Red Agates, and Black Spinels, with 
Gold-filled lever-back clasps

Item:  E333
                           *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Chocolate Decadence

Go all out and splurge with these
outrageous earrings of genuine South Sea
Chocolate Baroque Pearls, Iolites, and Citrines,
with Gold-filled accents and hooks

Item:  E143


Subtle yet exotic, treat yourself to these
earrings of Picasso Jasper, genuine Carnelian, and
Blush Freshwater Pearls, with Gold-filled
accents and lever-back clasps

Item:  E330
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA