Couture Collection

Although it can be said that each Agates and Pearls jewelry creation is exceptional, 
the treasures featured here are the crème de la crème.  From designs of striking boldness and 
unexpected pairings of materials, to the exquisite quality of gems and stones, these 
necklaces, bracelets and earrings are something to behold. 

Circle of Awe

This dramatic and unforgettable necklace blends rare, 
genuine Natural Turquoise and faceted Deep Purple 
Amethysts with an Amethyst Druzy QuartzSterling 
Silver accents, "Passion" charm and artistic toggle clasp

Item:  N204

Your Own Path*

Stunning and artistic, Matte Cherry Creek Jaspers
are featured with Cracked Yellow Crystalsand Agates
of Red and Black, with Gold-filled accents, 
"Passion" charm and S-clasp

Item:  N233
                           *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Lush Radiance*

Indulge yourself with this exquisite necklace featuring 
lustrous, genuine South Sea Pearls, faceted Amethysts, and 
Freshwater Seed Pearls with Gold-filled accents,
 "Passion" charm and artistic toggle clasp

Item:  N155
                             *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Chocolate Decadence*

Indulge yourself with this delicious necklace featurintwo outrageous, genuine South Sea Chocolate Baroque Pearls surrounded by shimmering Golden Keshi Pearls, Citrinesand Ioliteswith Gold-filled "Passion" charm and S-clasp

Item:  N152
                           *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Extreme Seas

Stunning Blue/Green Druzy Agates are
featured with Green Phantom Quartz and 
Freshwater Spiked Pearls with Sterling Silver 
"Passion" charm and toggle clasp

Item:  N206

Pink Passion

Pink doesn't mean demure when you weathis 
necklace featuring a genuine Pink Druzy Agate suspended 
from Peacock Keshi Pearls, Garnets, and Rose Quartz 
with Gold-filled accents, "Passion" charm and flower toggleclasp


Black & White Fusion

Exude exotic elegance with this necklace featuring
 genuine Tahitian Black Pearls, Rutilated Quartz
Black SpinelsCultured Seed Pearls, and Freshwater 
Pearls with Sterling Silver toggle clasp


Gray Matter

You'll radiate with this necklace featuring 
Gray Druzy Agates, Chocolate Baroque Pearls
and glistening White Keshi Pearls with 
Copper/Sterling Silver toggle clasp


Three Times Charmed 

A custom-designed piece, this versatile, luxurious necklace features luminous genuine South Sea Baroque Pearls. 
Gold-filled accents and Sterling Silver/Gold-filled/Crystal 
screw-in ball clasps allow for interchangeable accent 
stones of Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, and Black Druzy Agate
with Gold-filled artistic toggle clasp


Star Power

Be a stunner with this exotic bracelet featuring
genuine "Raw" Faceted Blue Sapphires, Iolites
Freshwater Needle and Seed Pearls, with Sterling Silver 
"Passion" charm and beaded toggle clasp

Item:  B203

Birthday Wishes

Custom-order bracelets and necklaces with 
your birthstones, complementary gems, 
genuine Tahitian Black Pearlsand charms in 
Sterling Silver, Gold-filled or 
18K Gold, with your initial.

Special Order

Tangerine Dreams

Talk about arm candy, this bracelet features a 
Green/White/Rust Circle Agate surrounded by 
CoralRed Agate and Green Onyx with Sterling 
Silver accents and toggle clasp


Chocolate Decadence

Go all out and splurge with these outrageous earrings of 
genuine South Sea Chocolate Baroque Pearls
Iolites, and Citrines, with
Gold-filled accents and hooks

Item:  E143

Delicate Whimsy

Fanciful and as light as confetti, indulge in these 
truly one-of-a-kind earrings that pair faceted 
genuine Amethysts with Iolite and Petite Keshi Pearls 
on Sterling Silver hooks

Item:  E 258

Royal Tahitian*

Lustrous, genuine Tahitian Black Pearls are paired with
Rubies and Black Spinels, with Gold-filled
accents and lever-back clasps

Item:  N151
                           *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Rainbow Prisms

Your ears will dance with these earrings featuring 
Rainbow Quartz, genuine Emeralds and Amethysts with 
Sterling Silver accents and lever-back clasps


Pure Gold

Feel the warm glow of these earrings featuring rare, 
genuine South Sea "Crêpe" Baroque Pearls and Rubies 
with Gold-filled accents and hooks


Tribal Art

Be an exotic sophisticate with this extraordinary
necklace featuring White/Brown Fire Agates,
White Coral, and carved Red Cinnabar, with an
exquisite Sterling Silver Bali Bead, and Red Leather
with Sterling Silver "Passion" charmand hook clasp

Item:  N346

Sinfully Delicious*

For true indulgence, delight in this truly one-of-a-kind
lariat, Y Necklace. that drips with genuine Tahitian Black Pearls, rare South Sea "Crêpe" Baroque Pearls, luscious hues of Tahitian Pearlsand Rubies, Rose Quartz, anKeshi Pearlswith 
Gold-filled accents

Item:  N130
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Circle of Style

For someone who wants to break out of their mold,
consider this necklace with Green/Rust/White Circle 
Agates, Keshi Pearls, Smokey Quartz, and Red Agates
with Gold-filled "Passion" charm and toggle clasp

Item:  N306

Pretty in Pink*

Spoil yourself with this decadent necklace of lustrous, 
genuine South Sea Baroque Pearls paired with Rubies
faceted Rose Quartz, and Freshwater
Seed Pearls, with Gold-filled accents, "Passion" 
charm and toggle clasp

Item:  N147
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Starry Night

Dazzle and be dazzled with this extraordinary 
necklace featuring Rainbow Quartz, genuine 
Cultured Baroque Pearls, Amethysts, and Green Onyx 
with Sterling Silver accents and toggle clasp


Pearl Abstract

Take a risk and go against traditional with this 
distinctive necklace featuring genuine Salmon Pink 
"Finger" Keshi Pearls, Green Phantom Quartz, and 
Champagne Freshwater Seed Pearls with Copper accents, 
and Copper/Sterling Silver toggle clasp


Into the Wilderness

You can enter a room with confidence wearing 
this exotically bold necklace of White Turquoise 
and Red Coral with gold-toned toggle clasp


Tahitian Goddess

Be incomparable with this decadent lariat, Y Necklace of 
genuine Tahitian Black Pearls, Blue Topaz, Garnets
Gray & White Keshi Pearls, and Seed Pearls 
with Gold-filled accents


Jack Pot*

For utter indulgence, treat yourself to this 
sumptuous bracelet with rare, genuine South Sea
"Crêpe" Baroque Pearls, Tahitian Black Pearls
Rubies, and Petite Keshi Pearls, with Gold-filled
"Passion" charm and toggle clasp

Item:  B144
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA


Indulge yourself with this wrap bracelet of
genuine Tahitian Black Pearls, Petite Keshi Pearls
and light-catching Natural Zircon, with Sterling Silver "Passion"
charm and clasp

Item:  B160

Rockin' a Sapphire

Wear the unexpected with this lariat bracelet 
featuring a genuine "Raw" Faceted Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz
Amethysts, Peach Keshi Pearl, and Blue Goldstone 
with Sterling Silver accents, and silver-toned toggle


Balancing Act

If you want wearable art jewelry, these earrings
are the perfect choice.  Genuine Tahitian Black Pearls
sit atop rare Natural Turquoise, with Sterling Silver
accents, Seed Turquoise and Sterling Silver hooks

Item:  E101

Heart Stopping Elegance*

All eyes will be on you when you wear these spectacular 
earrings of genuine Aquamarines and Rubies with 
Gold-filled accents and lever-back clasps

Item:  E257
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Cotton Candy

Outrageous, genuine South Sea Baroque Pearls paired with 
Rubies, Blue Sapphires, AmethystsIolites, Petite 
Keshi Pearls and Black Spinelswith Sterling Silver 
lever-back clasps

Item:  E165

Pearls Dancing

Shimmer and shimmy with these iridescent 
earrings featuring genuine Pink Salmon "Finger" Keshi Pearls
Peacock Keshi Pearls, and Garnets with Gold-filled hooks



Fit for a Princess, spoil yourself with these luscious 
earrings of genuine "Raw" Faceted Sapphires, Cultured 
Teardrop Pearls and Iolites with Gold-filled 
accents and hooks


Pearl Crazy

These dramatic earrings feature outrageous 
Golden Chocolate Keshi Pearls, Champagne 
Freshwater Pearls, and dyed Purple Coral with 
Gold-filled accents and hooks