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We hope you enjoy this exotic collection of wearable art bracelets. 
From earthy browns to rich oranges, and glowing golds and warm yellows, you'll find designs for all occasions.
Orange conveys power, thoughtfulness and sincerity, along with heightened enthusiasm and 
creativity.  Gold is acknowledged as the color of wealth and success, enhancing optimism, 
relaxation and enjoyment of life.  And with yellow, one's creativity and intellectual energies are 
heightened, along with wisdom, joy and happiness.  Brown, not surprisingly, 
represents natural earth, stability and orderliness.

Double Chocolate*

Delicious and outrageous, genuine South Sea Chocolate 
Baroque Pearls are featured with Golden Keshi 
Pearls, along with Gold-filled accents 
and toggle clasp

Item:  B132
                           *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Tropic Orange

Enjoy a bit of the tropics with this bracelet of genuine 
Carnelian and Freshwater Needle Pearls, with 
Sterling Silver "Passion" charm and 
flower toggle clasp

Item:  B239

Orange Essence

Warm up your day with this glowing bracelet of
 genuine Natural Coral, Black Spinel and Freshwater 
Teardrop Pearls, with Gold-filled "Passion" charm 
and flower toggle clasp

Item:  B151

Turquoise Rules

Stray from the norm when you wear this 
White Turquoise bracelet with Red Coral 
and Smokey Topaz, and Brass lobster clasp

Item:  B306


Created with Freshwater Coin Pearls, Golden Taupe 
Keshi Pearls, and Gold-filled accents, "Passion" 
charm and toggle clasp, you can wear this
with jeans or for a night out on the town.  

Item:  B163

Brown Sugar

Splurge a little with this stretch bracelet of genuine  
Flower Jade, Freshwater Peacock Baroque Pearlsand 
Ethiopian Prayer Beads, with Gold-filled "Passion" charm

Item:  B158

Stone Art*

A stunning piece of wearable art, this stretch
bracelet features exquisite Matte Cherry Creek
Jasper, genuine Black Onyx, and Ethiopian Prayer
Beads with Gold-filled "Passion" charm

Item:  B319
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Jack Pot*

For utter indulgence, treat yourself to this 
sumptuous bracelet with rare, genuine South Sea
"Crêpe" Baroque Pearls, Tahitian Black Pearls
Rubiesand Petite Keshi Pearls, with Gold-filled
"Passion" charm and toggle clasp

Item:  B122
*Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA

Chocolate Treat

You'll be wearing something yummy with this
bracelet featuring an awesome, genuine South Sea
Chocolate Baroque Pearl, with Champagne Freshwater
Pearls, Copper accents, Sterling Silver "Passion"
Charm, and Copper/Sterling Silver toggle clasp

Item:  B146


Rock Solid

Stay grounded with this bold bracelet featuring
a stunning Picasso Jasper, with Rutilated Quartz,
and Black Agates, Copper accents, Sterling Silver
"Passion" charm, and Copper/Sterling Silver
toggle clasp

Item:  B317

Tangerine Dreams

Add a bit of spice to your day with this stretch
bracelet featuring genuine Flower Jade, Orange/Brown
Agates, and Ethiopian Prayer Beads, with
Gold-filled "Passion" charm

Item:  B232


Treat yourself to this wrap bracelet of genuine, luminous
Tahitian Pearls, Petite Keshi Pearls, and genuine Natural 
Zirconwith Sterling Silver "Passion" charm and clasp

Item:  B160