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You'll be amazed at the versatility of the color blue.
 It's considered the coolest of colors -- think of the oceans and the sky, 
as well as twilight time. Symbolically, blue represents purity, inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.

Tahitian Candy

Indulge yourself with this genuine Tahitian Black Pearl bracelet 
with Neon Blue Apatites, Amethysts, Turquoise, and Sterling Silver accents, "Passion" charm, and flower toggle clasp

Item:  B125

Luminous Elegance*

Feel the shimmer of this exquisite bracelet 
featuring a genuine Aquamarine surrounded by 
Keshi Pearls, Rose Quartz, and Blue Goldstones
with Sterling Silver "Passion" charm and toggle clasp

Item:  B227
                           *Available at Jewels by Kurt, Santa Monica, CA


Enjoy the multi-hued splendor of this stretch bracelet 
featuring a genuine, faceted Aquamarine surrounded by Blue/Green/Brown Agates and Ethiopian Prayer Beads
with Gold-filled "Passion" clasp

Item:  B235
Blue Horizon

Genuine Lapis Lazuli is the focal point of this 
stretch bracelet with Blue Agates, Ethiopian Prayer Beads
and Gold-filled "Passion" charm

Item:  B236

Ocean Blues

Feel the calm of the sea around your wrist with
this stretch bracelet of genuine Lapis Lazuli,
Sea Foam Blue Agates, and Ethiopian Prayer
Beads, with Gold-filled "Passion" charm

Item:  B238

Star Power

Be a stunner with this exotic bracelet featuring
genuine "Raw" Faceted Blue Sapphires, Iolites, 
Freshwater Needle and Seed Pearls, with Sterling Silver 
accents, "Passion" charm and beaded toggle clasp

Item:  B203