A Mermaid’s Tale


I believe “Passion” is the life-blood of one’s true existence.  Whether we acknowledge them or not, our passions remain just underneath the surface, waiting to be acknowledged and pursued.  They are often the driving force behind many of our life decisions.

I have always been drawn to and inspired by creativity and the arts, as well as the natural beauty all around us.  I am crazy about the ocean for its mysterious beauty, power and ever-changing nature. And, being a Taurus, I admire and appreciate the gifts we reap from our planet earth.

And I must admit, there are few things better than bringing joy and delight to others.

The Journey

For most people, our life trajectories are not always planned or organized.  My previous area of expertise was vastly different from designing jewelry.  I was fortunate to have a long and very successful career in public relations and advertising.  One can argue that there are plenty of opportunities for creativity in these fields, and I won’t disagree.  However, it is a very different form of creativity than the one I was meant to pursue.

After leaving the corporate world behind, it took a number of years before I stopped denying the pull of an artistic life.  And in accepting this path, I also chose to be happy and fulfilled.  What a frightening and exhilarating decision.

A Dream Realized

As I embarked on this amazing journey of artistic and creative expression, I was naturally drawn to the elements of the things I love: the multitude of gifts from the sea and land.  I absolutely adore pearls.  They are exotic, sensuous, and spell binding.  The more imperfect and oddly shaped they are, the more alluring.  And then there are agates, offering a kaleidoscope of colors and images.  

My clients tell me that my creations are awe inspiring and distinctive due to my selection of color combinations, the juxtaposition of different materials, as well as the textures of my stones and gems.  They view my jewelry as wearable art.  I am humbled.

I acknowledge that jewelry is far from a must-need item in our lives.  But it is precisely because of this that my creations do indeed serve a valuable purpose.  My jewelry brings delight, joy and happiness to those who wear my pieces, not to mention the exhilaration felt when you're the gift giver.  These are reasons enough for me to continue on my journey of creative expression.

I hope you will enjoy viewing the treasures displayed on these pages.  And, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, I would be honored to work with you to custom design a piece of jewelry exclusively for you or for someone special in your life.

May you enjoy the journey of each new day.